Tutorial facilitation

During the course, every student is required to co-facilitate one tutorial. Your task in facilitating a 90-minute tutorial is to maximise your classmate’s learning about the week’s panel topic.


Workshop Ticket – required, not marked

Please complete the reading for the week and individually prepare an idea for how you can run the tutorial (including any further resources). This should be sketched out on no more than an A4 piece of paper.

Workshop A – required, not marked

Facilitators need to attend a workshop 10-11am run by Chris one week before the panel to discuss and develop your tutorial. In this session, we’ll begin to develop your Secret Plan, and prompting question for the tutorial to consider.

Focus Question (Tutorial Ticket) Forum

Please disclose your prompting question and any other resources you would like your classmates to engage with at the end of the preceding tutorial. Please post these on the Focus Question (Tutorial Ticket) forum by this time so that students can provide responses.

Secret Plan 10%

Your secret plan is your guide for running the tutorial. This should be developed collaboratively, and you have the opportunity to discuss your draft plan after the topic panel (1-2pm) with Chris. Submit your plan to your tutor on arrival at your facilitated tutorial.

Tutorial Facilitation 10%

Maximise your classmate’s learning in a 60-minute tutorial. Co-facilitators will get equal marks unless issues are raised with your tutor. You should aim to draw connections from the reading and the panel, and develop an engaging learning environment. Your tutor will seek feedback from your classmates.

Assessment Criteria

A task of the first tutorial will be to discuss what makes an effective facilitation and to discuss criteria that will influence how tutors assess each facilitation.

Applies to both the Secret Plan and Facilitation. All criteria weighted equally:

  • encourages high quality discussion/exchange of ideas
  • effectively relating the tutorial to the course themes in a way that maximises student learning
  • maintaining clarity and logical progressions of ideas to an effective conclusion
  • clear instructions that assist in achieving above points
  • ability to respond well to questions including the explanation of concepts

Assessment Resources

  • a generic template for your tutorial ‘Secret Plan