Example Work

Creating Knowledge students – CKers – are talented, inquiring, hardworking, high achieving creative people. The following are samples of CK productivity and they are intended as examples only and are not to be viewed as templates for future work. Find your own path!


In 2014 and 2015, students connected to the course by exploring a ‘Gap in the Knowledge’ of their choosing.



Group project

  • Ben, Saksham and Tiff – Food (video)

Please note that the assessment changed between 2013/2014, but these are excellent examples to the old assessment items. 2013 – CK Rap

Assignment 1 – Interview a researcher

Students interviewed ANU academics on how they create knowledge and push the boundaries of understanding, in what proves to be a fascinating insight into some of Australia’s top minds.”

Assignment 2 – Reflective Writing 1. Submitted around the middle of the course.

The following pieces of reflective writing were created by students from Interdisciplinary Studies, Law/Economics, Science and Arts/Anthropology.  They reveal their early views on their learning in the course.

Assignment 3 – Reflective Writing 2 – submitted towards the end of the course

These pieces were written towards the end of the course and reveal some of the changes in thinking and learning experienced by CKers as the course reached its conclusion.