Truth, Knowledge & Discovery


Truth, Knowledge & Discovery

Topic Overview

Core Resources

  • the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) summary for policymakers (PDF, 30 pages to pick and choose from). Think about what knowledge somebody needs in order to make sense of this report
  • “Rethinking our approach to cancer” with Paul Davies, Radio National Science Show podcast [mp3, 53 minutes] (take the time to sit back and enjoy this podcast)

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Panel Overview

Speakers at this panel will be:
  • Dr Charley Lineweaver - Planetary Science Institute, ANU

To conclude our weekly topics, we’ll conclude our journey through community, arts, and culture to explore how science uses knowledge to seek the objective truth, and in turn discover more knowledge. In this panel we’ll explore the science of climate change, and the disconnect between the scientific knowledge and political reality. We’ll also explore how connecting silos of scientific thinking can result in new discoveries.

Focus Question

How is a scientific truth constructed  differently to other knowledge? Could you ‘prove’ your Portfolio topic in a scientific frame? What evidence would you need to prove it? What knowledge would you build upon?

Further Resources