Leaders as learners and facilitators


Leaders as learners and facilitators

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Panel Overview

Speakers at this panel will be:
  • Maris Tebecis - Development Innovation Hub, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Katrina Marson - Prosecutor at ACT DPP and sits on the governance committee of the Canberra Rape Crisis Centre
  • Beth Ritchie - Court Advocate for the Domestic Violence Crisis Services and Secretary of the Women's Legal Centre ACT Board
  • Jamon Shay - Third-Year Asia-Pacifice Security and Arts Student, President of Bruce Hall and Former Leadership & Influence Student
  • Ben Duggan - Chair and Founder of Raising Hope Education Foundation, Teacher in the Teach for Australia Program and an ANU Alumni
  • Erin Gillen - Senior Policy and Project Officer, FECCA, ANU Alumni
  • Rebecca Watts - ANU Alumni, Engineers without Borders
  • Josh Creaser - 350.org
  • David Morrison - 2016 Australian of the Year

Leadership involves making interventions in a system (such as a group, organisation, institution, social circle, company, community, society) to help it make progress. How do you effectively diagnose what kind of challenge the system is facing, devise interventions that will help the group move forward, and lead a process of change and transformation? We will hear from current ANU student leaders and some recent ANU graduates on their thoughts of being  effective agent of change. We’ll hear about some of the challenges they have tackled, and the strategies and approaches they utilise as leaders.

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Introductory tutorial this week, with tutorial facilitation topics allocated.

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