Leadership in Development


Leadership in Development

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Speakers at this panel will be:
  • Andrew Walker - Professor of Southeast Asian Studies, Department of Political & Social Change, Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, ANU College of Asia and the Pacific
  • Oliver Percovich - Founder and Executive Director Afghan NGO "Skateistan"
  • Beth Slatyer - ANU Alumna
  • Sango Mahanty - ARC Future Fellow, Crawford School of Public Policy

Those working to end extreme poverty are faced with some of today’s most complex leadership challenges. This panel will explore the leadership lessons we can learn from the field of international development. From carefully diagnosing situations, working with existing local leadership frameworks and designing context-specific leadership interventions, to scaling up local successes, our panel will share their stories and experiences of people and communities all around the world showing¬†extraordinary¬†leadership in tough situations.

Tutorial description

This week’s tutorial will be student-run and on the topic of being an effective agent of change.

At the end of the tutorial, the tutor will run a group accountability session as part of the group project assessment. For more details, check the course guide.

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