Course Introduction


Course Introduction

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Speakers at this panel will be:
  • Giles Hirst
  • Richard Baker
  • Jonathan Tjandra

In the first week there are no tutorials or workshops, but please make sure you come to the Thursday panel (5-7pm) as it will provide a key introduction to the whole course.

Leadership is one of the most talked about and most misunderstood areas of social life.  We cry out for it, expect others to do it, get drawn to it ourselves yet have highly contested views about what leadership actually is. This session describes why looking at leadership more analytically as well as learning from leaders of many different walks of life is important in developing a greater understanding one’s own leadership values, and beliefs. In fact a failure to develop leaders who understand their guiding values and beliefs has been argued to be at the heart of the current leadership challenges we face in society, business, development and building stronger communities. This session will explore what it means to exercise leadership by starting to become aware of our own expectations, responses and reactions to authority, and be introduced to the theory of adaptive leadership and how to know when its called for.

Geoff Mortimore will then run an invaluable session on ‘how to facilitate’ and on ‘team work’.  Please review Geoff’s handbook prior to the panel which is on the first page of Wattle – ‘Course Material for Week 1′.

Tutorial description

No tutorial this week.

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