Next Steps: Communicating Your Idea and Making It Happen


Next Steps: Communicating Your Idea and Making It Happen

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Speakers at this panel will be:
  • Catherine McGrath - SBS Newsroom
  • Robert Garran - Former Policy Advisor, Speech writer and Journalist

It’s almost time to publicly present your ideas for leadership interventions into the University system. For some final tips on communicating an inspiring vision and enlisting backers and supporters, we’ll hear from highly experienced journalists and presenters. Our speakers will speak in the first hour about what makes a good verbal and written brief. You’ll come away with a simple framework for logically structuring your written and verbal brief that will prove invaluable for next week’s presentation and beyond.

In the second hour you’ll get the chance to re-write your briefs based on the ¬†presentations.

Make sure that your group submits a draft of your pitch by Wednesday so Richard can pass on to to our speakers who will comment on some of them in the panel.

Tutorial description

This week’s tutorial will be on the topic of Leadership and Influence in Science.

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