Behaviour of complexity


Behaviour of complexity

Topic Overview

Core Resources

  • Complexity: A Guided Tour (Preface, Chapter 1) by Melanie Mitchell (Preface, Chapter 1)
    gives a good overview of complex behaviour, including some examples of where you see it
  • Making things work (Overview, Chapter 1 and conclusion) by Yaneer Bar-Yam
    looks at the building blocks of complex behaviour

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Speaker Notes

The DLD didn’t work this week (university-wide problem), but here are the slides:

Panel Overview

Speakers at this panel will be:
  • Professor Lindell Bromham - Research School of Biology
  • Dr Shayne Flint - ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science

Complex behaviour is not complicated. However, simple rules can lead to very complex behaviour. We’ll cover topics such as emergence, evolution, chaos, feedback, networks and game theory.

Further Resources