Interdisciplinary thinking


Interdisciplinary thinking

Topic Overview

Core Resources

  • The Black Swan by Nicholas Taleb Read the interesting parts in the prologue
    how to think about unknown unknowns
  • Disciplining Interdisciplinarity by Gabriele Bammer (Preface only) (Whole bookRead p3-13 +.
    building a discipline for interdisciplinarity to solve challenging problems

You might also like…

  • Steve Cork’s 2009 panel (YouTube) (Downloadable versions)
  • Tackling wicked problems through the transdisciplinary imagination, by Val Brown (Chapters 1 and 2)
    this was set as some preliminary reading, but is worth revisiting in light of Gabriele’s talk

Speaker Notes

Panel Overview

Speakers at this panel will be:
  • Dr Steve Cork - Adjunct Professor, Crawford School of Public Policy

In this panel we’ll explore how to effectively work in a team with people from different disciplines and with different worldviews, and plan for the future.

Further Resources