Example work

Group Projects

In 2013, we expanded the scope of group projects. Details can be found on the Group Research Project page. Some of the final student posters are shown below (click on them to see a larger version of the images).

Learning Portfolios

Below are examples of Learning Portfolios from previous years. Please note that these are published here to help guide and inspire you with ideas for your own work, not as a ‘formula’ for a good mark.


In 2014, we changed the emphasis of the learning portfolio to explicitly explore a complex problem of the student’s choosing.


From 2011, it was requested by the Class Reps that examples be accompanied with a short sentence.

  • Anna (Stage 1) – this portfolio was broken into attributes of complexity
  • Carla (Stage 1) – this ‘fractal-folio’ looked at complexity at different levels in a clear and concise format
  • Cameron (Stage 1) – good integrated reflections and connections throughout
  • Elizabeth (Stage 1) – a web-based application of concepts from the course, including an extraction of ideas each week
  • Peter (Stage 1) – good connections and reflections presented in a web format
  • Richard (Stage 1) – in-depth reflection of wicked problems
  • Sarah (Stage 1) – another web-based portfolio, with improvised weekly headings that set the tone for the entry
  • Anon (Stage 1) – visual connections to the subject matter through powerpoint slides
And, we will accept physical artefacts along with your LPs



Please note that there were no word limits imposed in 2009.

Further examples of learning portfolios can be found on Richard’s webpage.

Group Project Briefings

Videos of past ‘PM’ briefings can be found here.