Group Research Project

flow-groupThe Group Research Project is a key learning and assessment task for the course. It will be used to develop and demonstrate achievement of the course learning outcomes.


Your task is to distill a complex issue and provide direction forward to improve the problems. The final submission should be accessible to someone with no knowledge of the topic, and explain complexities around the issue. The best projects will be invited to submit their document to an ANU eView publication after the course.

Project Deadlines

Week 4 Roundtable (not assessed).
The Roundtable will be an opportunity to define your problem to your tutorial in a constructive environment.

Week 5-10 Tutorials
Each week your group needs to provide evidence of moving forward (constructively) on your project. This should be in two parts: a weekly progress document, outlining what your group has done or possible issues your group is facing, and an up-to-date plan/outline/draft of your final document.

Week 12 Seminar – Presentation (5%)
Present your complex problem and outcomes to the class in a 5-minute presentation. Participation by all group members should be clear. Presentation format should effectively communicate the ideas of the group.

Week 12 Tutorial – Document (15%)
15-20 page distillation of a complex problem unravelled. Visual or alternative representations encouraged. Hand-in your final document at the tutorial (please also submit a PDF on WATTLE).

Project Topics

Groups will be able to explore their own topic, in consultation with their tutor and paired mentor. Student groups in the past have addressed topics from many areas, such as: Privacy and Security; IR; Educational Disadvantage; Political Engagement; Disability Sectors.

Project Mentors

We will endeavour to partner your group with a mentor after your group has defined your complex problem. The mentor can help you understand the real-world complexities of your project and the feasibility of any interventions you might develop. It is expected that your group will organise to meet with your mentor three-four times through semester.

Peer Evaluation

Your individual mark for the group project will be determined by first awarding a group mark in accordance with the above breakdown. Your group will be asked to devise a process of peer evaluation to be used to determine any adjustments to reflect contribution to the project. Any such adjustments will be consultative.

Assessment Criteria

Weekly Progress

The weekly progress mark is designed to deeply develop your thinking about your group project. Your tutor will give you weekly feedback on your project, and determine the mark in week 11.

The group will be awarded a mark based on these criteria (all marking criteria are applied equally):

  • effective communication and demonstrated thinking about the problem and its complexity (LO1)
  • clear selection of methodologies that compare and contrast issues (LO3)
  • demonstration of working effectively in an interdisciplinary team (LO4)

Presentation and Document

The group will be awarded a mark based on these criteria (all marking criteria are applied equally):

  • demonstrated evidence of the issue, including archetypical behaviours (LO1)
  • effective communication of arguments that lead to recommendations for future direction (LO2)
  • selection and application of appropriate methodologies to consider the issue holistically (LO3, LO4)
  • connections and reflections on course themes and experiences (LO5)

Assessment Resources

Templates for the Roundtable, Weekly Progress report and Weekly Homework are available in the Templates folder in Word, OpenDoc and Apple Pages formats. These should be adapted and developed for your group.

The presentation and final document are relatively free form, and should be developed in consultation with your tutor. Creativity encouraged 🙂