Learning Portfolio

flow-portfolioAnalyse a complex problem in depth, using the themes from within the course and drawing connections and reflections from outside of the course.


Plan/Draft Friday Week 6

Submit your plan for your portfolio on WATTLE. Your tutor will then discuss or provide notes on your plan with you in Week 7. Your plan should include a problem statement, and provide an outline on how you plan to achieve the marking criteria.

NOTE: LAWS3001 students will have their topic selection approved by the College of Law at this point to ensure that the LAWS variation is satisfied.

Final Submission (20%) & Oral Defence (10%)

Please submit a copy of your Portfolio on WATTLE to share with your peers, and prepare an oral defence of the core ideas in the portfolio.

Presentation Format

You are free to present your ideas as you see best fit. There are examples of student work that could provide ideas about the format of your portfolio (but keep in mind that your marking criteria is different). Alternative presentation formats are encouraged. For example, visual diary, blog, photo journal, video series, critical essay, travel guide, radio documentary, collection of interviews or letters, etc. The learning portfolio should be between 15-20 pages or 2,500-3,000 words (or equivalent).

The oral defence is equally free-form, but should clearly communicate the core ideas in your portfolio. You will have 5 minutes to present your ideas, with a short Q&A. These will be recorded.

Assessment Criteria

The group will be awarded a mark based on these criteria (all marking criteria are applied equally):

  • demonstrated evidence of the issue, including archetypical behaviours (LO1)
  • effective communication of arguments that lead to recommendations for future direction (LO2)
  • selection and application of appropriate methodologies to consider the issue holistically (LO3, LO4)
  • connections and reflections on course themes and experiences (LO5)

LAWS3001 Variation

Law students undertaking LAWS3001 must explore a complex issue that has a strong legal element in their Learning Portfolio, but are still encouraged to apply perspectives from other topics the course to this issue.

VCPG6001 Variation

Students in VCPG6001 are required to submit a Portfolio with an independent research basis. The additional marking criterion is:

  • Demonstrated engagement with the literature that tethers the complex problem with contemporary peer-reviewed academic or professional arguments

Assessment Resources

  • The Plan/Draft template is available in the Templates folder in the Resources directory. Adapt as you wish, and in discussion with your tutor or Chris, and bring a hard copy to the Week 6 tutorial.
  • The Final portfolio has no template, and should be developed in consultation with your tutor. It is to be submitted on WATTLE on Friday Week 13 after any feedback from your Oral presentation.