The VCs Courses are open to all students and academics at ANU, outside of traditional disciplinary boundaries.

For students#

For students looking to engage with the VC’s Courses, please contact VC’s Courses Convenor or the convenor listed on the relevant Programs & Courses page.

For academics#

Academics wishing to create a VC’s Course should reach out to a College Representative on the VC’s Courses Steering Committee (listed below) or directly to to discuss your ideas and how you might be able to contribute to this cross-disciplinary initiative.


The VC’s Courses are currently hosted by the ANU College of Science, but are guided by the VC’s Course Steering Committee with representatives from all ANU Colleges.

If you would like to know more about the VC’s Courses, or how you might engage with them from your disciplinary perspective, please reach out to any member of the committee.

ANU College Committee Member
ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences A/Prof Catherine Frieman
ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences Ms Mary Spiers Williams
ANU College of Asia & the Pacific A/Prof Roald Maliangjkaij
ANU College of Business & Economics Dr Alex Richardson
ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science Prof Kylie Catchpole
ANU College of Health & Medicine Prof Gabriele Bammer
ANU College of Law Prof Des Manderson
ANU College of Science Prof Paul Francis
ANU Centre for Learning & Teaching A/Prof Kim Blackmore
Student Representative (Undergraduate) vacant
Student Representative (Postgraduate) vacant
ANU VC’s Courses Convenor Dr Chris Browne
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