Mobilising Research

If only this army of scientists and technologists could be diverted from technology autonomous, and organised for the good of society! Many thousands of them, of the best and most intelligent, are deeply conscious of the fact that we have got our priorities wrong.
– Denis Gabor, 1971 Nobel Prize winner writing in New Scientist, May 1972.

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This course challenges and supports students to explore the organisation of research for the good of society. How can we identify and integrate what is known from disciplinary research to contribute to the resolution of experienced problems? How can we prioritise research agendas for the good of society? How are research findings implemented or used in practice?

The course will examine the linked themes of ‘integration’ and ‘implementation’ of research to address problems and issues in societal contexts such as: expert witness services and research consultancies; the research and intellectual property base for new businesses; approaches to introducing change to professional practice, and; the contribution of research to the development of public policy.

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