Creating Knowledge


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In 2016, Creating Knowledge (CK) will revolve around on-campus field trips to discover how knowledge is created around campus. You’ll also engage with all of the Learning Communities at ANU, attend public lectures, and interview professors. CK is a Vice-Chancellor’s course for talented, inquiring students from all areas of the ANU who are interested in what makes universities tick.

A university is one of the places where people gather to make sense of the world and CK brings students from across the ANU together to do just that. It affords students early in their degree the time and the space to consider the nature of academic inquiry and its relationship to other ways of knowing and creating knowledge. Featuring a host of researchers and ideas from different disciplinary and cultural perspectives, CK presents a series of expert panels on the different ways knowledge is constructed across the ANU. In this way, motivated and interested students are given the opportunity to engage with different disciplinary and cultural ways of knowing. The panels, readings, tutorials and workshops are all thought-starters – you need to use them as launching pads of inquiry, and not necessarily, final destinations. Through deep and active engagement, students learn to be more aware of themselves and the world around them. They absorb and reflect on ideas, use them to pursue new trains of thought and track their own thinking patterns.

What to expect

The Vice Chancellor’s courses are all about learning to appreciate other ways of looking at the world and students learn from each other as much as from the lecturers. Peer-learning focussed and cross-disciplinary in nature, CK explores how scholarly inquiry is conducted in a range of disciplines outside their own course of study. We want students to see the world through the eyes of others, to appreciate the strengths of different perspectives and to understand how positions are reached and opinions formed. Through individual and group learning, students will have the opportunity to analyse, synthesise, evaluate, apply and communicate knowledge.

Engaged and motivated students will use the CK experience to explore:

  • how researchers in various fields including the arts, social sciences, law, science, business, engineering and Asia and the Pacific think about what they are doing, including the relationship between academic ideals and everyday research practice;
  • whether and how academic inquiry differs from knowledge creation in other contexts (traditional ways of knowing, non-Western intellectual traditions, religious thought, policy making, investigations by police or journalists, corporate knowledge production, creative art and design); and
  • the changing social context of academic research, including the idea of the knowledge economy.

Creating Knowledge


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