Group Research & Innovation Project (GRIP)#

GRIP gives ANU students from all disciplines the opportunity to collaborate on a project outside of their disciplinary offerings. This is not a research project; rather, a way for students to apply disciplinary expertise in a collaborative research & innovation context.

Students join an endorsed Host Project and make a defined contribution in relation to the scope, requirements and deliverables of the team. Students will enhance the Host Project through their disciplinary skill set, but will be assessed independently.

At the conclusion of the project, students submit a portfolio demonstrating the five areas of activity in the GRIP course learning outcomes against their contribution to the Host project.

GRIP Projects#

Any organisation, group project course, student project or initiative can become a GRIP Host if it meets the following requirements:

  • the activities with the Host requires you to collaborate with people from multiple skill sets and/or disciplines
  • your contribution can be defined and planned for ~100 project hours, to the further benefit of the Host project
  • you can identify an ANU academic who is willing to become your Academic Supervisor and can independently evaluate the quality of work and your contribution
  • you can identify a Host Supervisor what can independently validate your contribution to the Host project

See below for a list of known GRIP Partners and Champions.

Expressions of Interest#

Expressions of Interest for Group R&I Project will be considered:

  • on a rolling basis for the upcoming semester, applicants will be notified within 10 business days
  • applications received prior to Friday COB O-Week of the upcoming semester will be considered for enrolment
  • applications received after Friday COB O-Week cannot be guaranteed to be endorsed for the current semester

Apply Now


Once an application for GRIP has been endorsed by the convenor, the Project Deliverables are to be agreed with the Host and Academic Supervisor prior to the start of the project through a GRIP Agreement. In most cases, the work that is undertaken should be towards the project goals and not merely for the purpose of assessment.

To allow evaluation of work undertaken, you are required to:

Weeks Activity
Before Week 1 of Semester Apply for and receive approval for GRIP Course
By end of Week 2 Complete GRIP Project Agreement and ANU Enrolment Change Form
Between Weeks 6-7 Many Eyes Feedback organised by the GRIP Convenor*
by end of Week 12 Portfolio submission*
by end of Week 12+1 Project Presentation*
by end of Week 12+1 Complete the GRIP Completion form

Alternative deliverables may be agreed on through the GRIP Project Agreement.

GRIP Partners#

Where the GRIP Partner is itself a course, you may wish instead to just complete the course(!) However, defining the activity as a GRIP Project may allow you to scope a bespoke project that is customised to your unique contribution to the collaborative task at hand.

Below is a list of GRIP Partners who are keen to bring students from other disciplinary backgrounds together. You may wish to contact for more information about potential GRIP Projects.

ANU MakerSpace
ANU Solar Racing
CBEA3001 Special Industry Project
DESN3010/DESN6010 Design Practice - Engagement, Internship and Entrepreneurship
ENGN4300 Engineering Capstone Project
MGMT7161 New Venture Creation
MGMT8242 Business Growth Strategies

If you would like to join the list of GRIP Partners, please contact the GRIP Convenor.


Dr Chris Browne
Convenor, ANU Vice-Chancellor’s Courses

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