Example work

Below are examples of work from previous years. Please note that these are published here to help guide and inspire you with ideas for your own work, not as a ‘formula’ for a good mark.

Complexity Toolkit#

  • A toolkit for navigating complexity, compiled by the WHOLE 2017 class PDF (2017)
  • The 2019 Complexity Primer, compiled by the WHOLE 2019 class PDF (2019)

Learning Portfolio#

Historical note: the Portfolio task before 2014 was focussed on the reflection on course themes, and submitted in two parts. From 2014, the Portfolio has become a ‘critical, creative or reflective’ piece on a complex problem submitted at the end of the course.

  • The multiplicity of experience, by Alex PDF (2017)
  • A Chance: the story of coal seam gas mining in northern NSW, by Claire PDF (2014)
  • A systems thinking approach to understanding Autism spectrum disorder, by Carly PDF (2017)
  • Accessibility of sexual assault information on Australian University websites, by Brigid PDF (2017)
  • Antimicrobial resistance: a wicked problem affecting today’s society, by Rebecca PDF (2014)
  • Big Data, by Daniel Website (2016
  • Collapse and Closing the Gap, by Rebecca Pt1, PDF Pt2, PDF Pt3, PDF Appendix (2009)
  • Collapse, by Melanie PDF (2009)
  • Educational Inequality: What the law isn’t doing, by Eliza PDF (2017)
  • Electric Vehicles in Australia, by Nicole zipped iBook (2014)
  • Gender inequality doesn’t descriminate, by Georgina PDF (2017)
  • Reflection by Simon Video PDF (2017)
  • Regulating government intervention and self-determination, by Patrick PDF (2014)
  • Tackling the Invisible: the hidden world of ‘invisible illness’ by Cat PDF (2015)
  • ‘The System’ by Laura Physical Object (2013)
  • ‘Unravelling Complexity’ by Alyssa Physical Object (2013)
  • Unravelling Complexity in Pursuit of Real-World Outcomes, by Cat PDF (2009)
  • Whaling in Japan, by Zoe PDF (2017)
  • What’s mine is yours: an Adani comic, by Sylvia PDF (2017)
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