Apply for Group Research & Innovation Project#

Students wishing to undertake a Group Research and Innovation Project are required to submit:

  • a brief Expression of Interest, including:
    • proposed topic
    • potential Project Host
    • project description - what you intend to do, and who you will be working with in the project
    • project objectives - both the overall objectives of the project and what you aim to achieve within the timescale of the project
    • endorsement from an Academic Supervisor and/or Project Champion

Please note that undergraduate students entering VCUG3100 must have completed 72 units towards their degree.

Application Timelines#

Applications for Group R&I Project will be considered:

  • on a rolling basis for the upcoming semester, applications will be notified within 10 business days
  • applications received prior to Friday COB O-Week of the upcoming semester will be considered for enrolment
  • applications received after Friday COB O-Week cannot be guaranteed to be endorsed for the current semester

Submit your application#

The application form should appear below. If not, you can open the form in a new window.

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